100 pages of recycled art, 6x9 inches, CMYK plus one spot (we are living in excess), edition of 3000. Only ten US dollars plus shipping, for international sales please contact us.

Our second round of image making, a little more collaborative and personal then the first. We invited the artists to present work that gave a more intimate statement about the world today. In an effort to keep ourselves honest to the project, we also went around to some of the artists' studios to learn more about them, see their environments, talk and make new work together (collaging bits of their work with ours). Seems like we almost doubled the amount of contributors from the last one, spanning generations, backgrounds and geography. Printed on recycled paper with an environmentally conscious printer | Westcan Printing Group | and printed with love and support from our friends at Simple Shoes. We hope that you will cherish this physical object and spread the news to your friends & family, enjoy.