100 pages of recycled art, 6x9 inches, 2/3 rds 2 color & 1/3 rd CMYK, edition of 1000. Only fifteen US dollars plus shipping, for international sales please contact us.

Designed in a way that mixes styles, concepts & processes of a number of artists to create 1 voice. RRR.001 intends to send a message to the viewer that little changes in our daily calendars can help to make something beautiful and worthwhile. All it asks, that we look around, see what we can do and take it upon ourselves to make it happen. Less talk, more action. A little more refined and defined than the original ezine but with the same spirit and emotion. Printed on recycled paper with an environmentally conscious printer | Westcan Printing Group | and co–published by Untitled Publishing. We hope that you will cherish this physical object and spread the news to your friends & family, enjoy.